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Who doesn't love a good holiday story? These are some of mine!

Three hot menage stories from three hot authors! Rach joins forces this holiday season with fellow erotic romance authors, Caitlyn Willows & Nona Raines

Together, their three stories make up Nicely Naughty, Volume 2

When Walker Savidge suggests an X-rated X-mas shoot for his boyfriend, Ben Cook, Ben reluctantly agrees, though the idea makes him squirm. He knows he has to do something to show Walker he's serious about saving their relationship and becoming more at ease with his sexuality. 

Photographer Lexie Ginger Rosamond has no idea what she's signed up for when she agrees to do a private X-mas photo shoot for two gay men.  But when Walker shows up at her studio with Ben, a young man she’s already met, and kissed, she doesn’t know what to do.

As the photo shoot heats up, Walker jumps into the photos with Ben, and it’s almost more than she can bear. Until the two men ask her to join them in front of the camera instead of behind it. Tempted by their heat, and deciding maybe she can give herself a special treat this Christmas, Lexie agrees.

Aidan Callahan loves Christmas. Every ornament on his huge Christmas tree has a story and holds a special memory.He’s been hooking up for six months with Val Stenzler and would like to get closer to her, including sharing his love of Christmas. But aside from their hot sex sessions, she holds him at arm’s length. 

Val hates Christmas. The most devastating, humiliating event of her life happened at Christmastime two years ago, and she’s still trying to get past it. There’s no room for fruitcake or mistletoe in her life. 

Christmas suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when Val and Aidan meet Candie Hurley. She’s as sweet as her name, as sparkly as tinsel and as mysterious as the Northern Lights. Aidan and Val both fall under her spell, but will the night they spend with her bring them closer together or tear their relationship apart?

  When Chrissy agreed to house sit for her grandparents and prep the place for Christmas, she never imagined the icing on her cookies would be the twins next door. But they were hard-loving men who didn’t play for keeps, and she never played at all…until now.

 Joe and Jess crave their neighbors’ cute granddaughter more than they can stand. She’s definitely a game changer they never imagined, making them want with an intensity hot enough to melt the fake icicles draped around her Grandma’s house.  

Christmas with all the trimmings. Those were Grandma’s instructions. And while Chrissy knows she wasn’t referring to Chrissy laid out for Joe and Jess’s pleasure­ or they hers, ­Grandma’s got some explaining of her own to do. Like how she knew about those dimples on the twin’s perfect backsides.

Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce surrounds the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season and Queen of Hearts centers around Valentine's Day. Both are about characters fighting for their right to a Happily Ever After ! Check out more info below. 

Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce 
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Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce Book Trailer
Amy Easton’s idea for the perfect Thanksgiving doesn’t include giving up the last can of cranberry sauce to a stranger, no matter how sexy he is. She will make this holiday special for Dad even if it kills her. And that means getting everything on the shopping list.  

Mason Rider is home to help his mom through her first postdivorce holiday, but when he finds the seductive blonde who body-checked his grocery cart standing in Mom’s kitchen, he doesn’t know what to do. Sharing Thanksgiving with this woman and her father wasn’t part of his damned plan. 

Who would’ve thought that a simple can of cranberry sauce could lead to holiday disaster? Or Happily Ever After? 


        He moved in close behind her. Trying to intimidate her into leaving?
      Not a chance.
      He could be as frustrated with their being here as he wanted behind closed doors. As long as he didn’t upset Dad. She backed up and slammed her body into his. She wasn’t going to let him scare her off. He grunted and stiffened with the impact. She turned and gave him a little shove, her hands on his chest. She studiously ignored how warm and hard his pecs were beneath her fingers. She didn’t have time for an attraction to Martha’s son, especially if this was really what he was like. So why did the heat from his skin seem to infuse hers, taking over her blood and making her legs weak?
     “What did you think was going to happen when you barged in here like this?” he asked.
     “Your mom invited us down here weeks ago.” She needed to try another tactic. Make him realize that she and her father weren’t the bad guys. But every time she opened her mouth, something snarky came shooting out. “I’m sorry if she didn’t tell you.” She tried to sound sincere, but she couldn’t. Indignation made her incapable of sincerity.
     “You don’t sound sorry. You… Damn it.” The words were forceful, and as he gazed down at her, the anger in his eyes changed to something darker. Desire swirled in the bright blue pools, turning them a deeper shade. Her mouth went dry. She tried to drop her hands, but he moved with her, pancaking her between his body and the wall. Her hands stayed firmly on his pecs while his arms caged her in on either side of her head.
     “Look, whatever we thought after our not so chance meeting, that’s off the table now. Never going to happen.” She wouldn’t let them succumb to the heat swirling between them. She would not—
      Amy stopped thinking as Mason lowered his head to hers. He crushed his lips against hers, and she moaned, her eyes sliding closed. She moved her hands up his chest and neck, snaking them into his curls and holding him close as his hot mouth devoured hers. He pushed his body into her, and she slid her tongue out to lick across his lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, and she was glad for his body so tightly pressed against hers and for the wall behind her. If not for both, she would have melted into a puddle of need at his feet.

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Queen of Hearts

Maya Cobb is a classic Gemini. She’s adaptable, affectionate, versatile, cunning, and she holds a deep-seated fear of commitment. Which means she’s the perfect match for Aquarius Erica. 

Erica Jones, also true to her astrological sign, is friendly, honest, fiercely independent,  and detached. She hasn’t found a satisfying relationship in ages, and is ready to give up on love, even though she runs a dating service. 

After a one night stand, fate keeps throwing them together in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Maya offers to help Erica plan the Queen of Hearts Matchmaking event, though she doesn’t know much about dating women. Erica quickly realizes that while Maya bolted after their first night, she might be the only hope Erica has to save her business. 

Astrology says they’re compatible, but neither woman can be sure. 

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