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Welcome to the Behind the Scenes page. 

Here you will find all kinds of behind the scenes info on where I came up with ideas for books, where I will be expected to show up to conferences, conventions, book signings or events near you! 

This is some behind the scenes info on how I came up with the premise for Gingerbread Photography.

I stumbled across this photo when I was going through looking for pictures for To Sir's book trailer, and it spawned this idea for an XXXMas story! 

Here's the premise: 
Ben & Walker have been dating for a few months. Both are bi, but Ben's always dated girls. Walker is his first boyfriend, and while things are good in the bedroom, in public, Ben is having a hard time coping with being out, PDAs and generally living his life out of the closet. 
Lexie is a young photographer with her own small studio in NYC who always does the NYFD beefcake calendar photo shoot. She's fighting to bring a photography major to NYU's program, where she currently teaches photography classes, while also trying to survive as a photographer. 
When Ben refuses to pose with Walker, one of the only openly-gay firemen, Walker is determined to help Ben come out of his shell and be more comfortable in his skin. He wants Ben to do a private x-rated, x-mas photo shoot. Walker enlists Lexie's help, knowing her keen eye and professional air will help Ben feel at ease. 
But as the photos heat up, Walker notices Lexie's facade slipping, and can't help but teasing her desire to fever pitch by jumping into the photos with Ben. 


Behind how the idea for An Affair Across Times Square happened: 

The idea for this book, like many others, just kind of hit me. But this one was sparked by an actual event in my life. I was at the RWA conference in NYC several years ago and returned to my room after a long day of incredible seminars about the craft and business of writing and I began getting undressed, just as I realized that yes, those were indeed businessmen and -women sitting and standing and milling about in their offices, right across Times Square! I could see them just fine through the windows... so it stood to reason that they could see me. I closed the curtains real quick, trust me. Because this is Rachell Nichole talking here, not Layla Morgan and Taye-Diggs-inspired Tyler Lachlan was not sitting alone in an empty office building across the narrow expanse of Times Square that separated the buildings. But, the idea was born. I spent a few months thinking over the concept for this book, and what would have Layla in the hotel, while Tyler was across the Square, and how their lives would intertwine. This was only the second novel I had ever attempted, so when November of that year rolled around, and it was National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) I jumped in with both feet. And the opening (very HOT) scene was drafted on a train in France, while I was traveling. While I won NaNo that year (50,000 words in 30 days) the book was only about half finished. So I completed it into the new year, and did revisions, and then it was off to an editor. And the rest, as they say, is history. This was my first published work and thus will always have a special place in my heart. A re-released version will be coming out soon. But here's a sneak peek at the new cover! 

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