Rachell Nichole - Sassy Sizzling Romance
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Here you will find info on my works in progress, and the books to be released in the near future. 

One willful sub. 
One strict Dom. 
Three Books you'll never forget. 


The K Club Book Two: Between Sirs 

Amber's spent ages looking for the perfect Dom only to find out, he doesn't exist. No one man can satisfy her needs, or check every box on her must-have list. But maybe two Doms can. 

The next installments of The Marietta Hotels Series:

A Murder in Times Square
Coming 2019
When detective Lawrence Daniels gets called to the Marietta hotel to investigate a murder, one woman immediately heads up his suspect list. Isobel Jacarter sexual prowess is definitely a ploy to keep him off her scent. But what if she’s really interested? Can he ignore the first spark of attraction he’s felt since Kathy’s death just because she might be a murderess? 

Isobel knows she can’t ignore the attraction to the detective investigating the murder, but can he be trusted to keep her secrets and believe in her enough to keep her out of jail? Or will his hard-nosed partner convince him she's guilty, landing her behind bars in a foreign country for the rest of her life? 

Nuptials in Niagara
After their third chance meeting in a foreign country, Tristan and Jessica agree to meet in Niagara Falls. But a border closing, a terrorism threat, and lack of American Visa stand in their way. Can a couple who fate seems to want together risk a prison sentence for the one night they could actually be together? Or will they break their promises to each other, ruining their one chance at happily ever after? 

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